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Redesign Website Design :

Being an trinitive webcommunication can provide any type of Redesign websites as per its clients demand.

What is Redesign Websites?

YThe Appearance of your E-commerce website must be Eye-catching and also it should be well-organized as well as easy to navigate.
When redesigning an existing website, you'll often want to start afresh. However, you risk losing useful elements and throwing the baby out of the bathwater.
It's better to perform a thorough site review to ensure you keep the great bits of an existing site, protect your client's ability to amend and maintain the site, as well as developing the brand in the best way possible. Here we explain the best way appraise a site prior to redeveloping it.
Getting answers to the following questions will help you to develop a cohesive plan and ensure your next project goes without a hitch.

01. What are the brand guidelines?

A redesign of a site belonging to a global brand is always going to need to follow some guidelines. There's a good chance that the brand has developed over time and the marketing departments may have changed the way they look at things, allowing more freedom for certain projects to push the boundaries of the base brand guidelines. Smaller sites may still have guidelines that the client wants you to work to. Always take this into account.

02. Is the visual hierarchy salvageable?

A well-designed site could easily appear tired and in need of a refresh, but may contain a great visual hierarchy and images. It's worth maintaining an open mind here; there's no need to lose things for the sake of it. If it's good design, then develop it and make it even better.

03. Does the server support what you want to use?

Often on a site redesign you are tied by hosting agreements that may have been in place for a long time. Although it's pretty much always easier to take new web jobs into a hosting environment you use, you will find occasions where you need to adapt. This means getting your head around a different control panel and making sure that the set up they have supports any libraries or plug-ins you need.

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