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Google AdWords Bidding Strategies: The Complete Guide"
  • In "Google AdWords Bidding Strategies: The Complete Guide" we covered many bidding strategies in a Google AdWords account that can be applied at the campaign settings and even flexible bidding strategies that work down to the ad group and keyword level.
  • Bid adjustments are a percentage change to a bid and allow for an increase or decease for better control of where ads are shown. For example, a location that produces more valuable leads can be targeted more aggressively with an increase in adjustment to bid.

  • What About Multiple Bid Adjustments?
  • Every page on your website should have its own unique title tag. However, not all title tags are created equally!

  • Multiple bid adjustments are multiplied together to set the bid.

  • Ad group max CPC bid $1
  • California targeting +20% bid adjustment
  • A bid for a search that occurs in California on a Saturday will be U.S. $0.60.

  • California adjustment: $1 x (+20%) = $1.20
  • Saturday adjustment: $1.20 x (-50%) = $0.60
  • Resulting bid for searches in California on Saturday:$0.60
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