Services - Flash Animation

Tired of carrying slides to your business presentations?

"Present your clients with a professional CD-Rom presentation!"

Trinitive corporate CD presentation services, it provides detailed and descriptive information about your company and make the whole experience gripping. A CD-Rom presentation includes charts, graphs, animation, graphics and images. A CD-Rom presentation created by us offers the benefit of mobility and the cost of their reproduction is almost negligible.

In CD Presentation Services, Trinitive provides following facilities:

As a Web Designing Company, we provide all kind of website designing solutions whether it is customized website designing or business website designing. Our professional website designing enroll a huge range designing solutions. Some of our Web Designing Services includes the following:

* CBT (Computer Based Tutorials)
* WBT (Web Based Tutorials)
* Company's Corporate Profile in form of Presentations
* E-Learning Solutions
* Training Programmes
* Company's Product Catalog
* Demo Presentation of Company's Work
* Company Prospectus
* Interactive Annual Reports
* Virtually anything you want to present

MIn the CD Presentation Services package, we provide 3D animation, 2D animation, moving pictures, flash images, voice-over, music, and video with excellent creativity. The most challenging part of this presentation was to create high quality graphics, use vibrant colors (its all about paints and beautiful walls!!)

CD Presentation Services by Trinitive gives a complete solution of your corporate identity, product features, product education and service manual.

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